Friday, February 13


Two-9 is back with their new tape, "B4FRVR."  This Atlanta group has been on their grind, turning heads and colloborating with some of the most respected in the industry at the moment.  With the release of their latest tape "B4FRVR" they really bring the heat. Two-9 is here to stay.

Sunday, February 8


Tesk is a beat producer from Germany. The man comes fully equipped with style and flow on his beats.  I am very thankful to have stumbled upon such talent.  Check out some of my favorite beats of his below but he has loads you can check out on his Soundcloud.

Saturday, February 7

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Phony Ppl have been a group that overwhelmingly caught my attention this summer in Brooklyn, New York.  I was lucky enough to have attended one of their shows and have been hooked ever since by their beaming charm.  Their long awaited debut album called "Yesterday's Tomorrow"  just released last month and it is something that I have been playing back ever since.  This groups sound is amazing, it is the combination of funk, hip-hop, soul, jazz, and even a little electronic.  Overall, this is one of my favorite bands at the moment and I strongly recommend giving them a listen. Check out "Why iii Love The Moon" track off their soundcloud as well as the "End Of The niGht" video below!

Friday, February 6

Tear Council - Anywhere

A new side project has emerged from Van She called Tear Council.  They have released their first single on Soundcloud called "Anywhere." This disco-pop track is great and I cannot wait to hear more from this new project.

Sunday, October 12


After focusing on Kasket Club for the past two years Gauiter has come back to share a great electro funk remix of Eye Emma Jedi's track "88" that he made himself.  This remix definitely has hints of Kasket Club's signature summer disco sound and of course Gauiter's own bouncy electro spin too it.   It is nice too see his personal sound progress during this period of experimenting with Kasket Club. I hope too new music from both projects!

(An amazing change in production production, even though I will always love his old material!)

Thursday, May 1


Check out my latest work! A melodic version of Oceanlab's classic "Satellite."  This is one of my favorite tunes of all time :)