Thursday, May 1


Check out my latest work! A melodic version of Oceanlab's classic "Satellite."  This is one of my favorite tunes of all time :)

Wednesday, April 2

On My Mind

A mixture of music that I appreciate.  These are mostly songs of love and relationships, something we all go through.  Let go and immerse yourself in the music.

Thursday, February 20

I Didn't Believe

Special Features delivers one of his best remixes yet with his rendition of Flight Facilities, "I Didn't Believe." I am always a fan of Special Features fun progressive style, he is one to know how to produce a big room tune! This solid remix will keep you grooving all night. Special Features talent as a creative artist really shines through this work, get it for free from his facebook page today!

Thursday, January 30


Some good tunes for those of you who are awake at these early hours of the day.  

Sunday, January 26

4 U

FWDSLXSH delivers a phenomenal beat called "4 U."  It is a dark, spacey, mystifying beat that gets you vibing to its flow.  I really enjoy the depth of the track.  FWDSLXSH keeps the song rolling the entire time adding and subtracting layers as he goes, bringing it all together smoothly.  Zoned out for sure.

Thursday, January 23


Totoake catches my my ear with his genuine indie sound.  His work brings a mixtures of moods like rock, pop, electronic, and love all together in one smooth way.  The light melodies he produces are heartwarming, soft and enough to make you dream along.  I am hooked on this sound! Check out the buzz below.